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OffSight is a professional and friendly business website design company and offers supporting online marketing and graphic design services.

We’ve been building websites for over 8 years and clients up and down the country benefit from our experience.

We build engaging, easy to use websites that show your business at its best and win you more customers.
Beat the death of the highstreet and sell to the record number of people shopping online.
We design and print strong and recognisable logos, brochures, flyers, letterheads...everything a growing business needs.
Introducing the ‘Internet Business Roadmap’

Our marketing solutions are so popular we’ve created a whole new, separate website for them!

We’ve bundled up comprehensive website monitoring, improvement and marketing techniques into straightforward packages to grow your business.


Umbraco is a robust and powerful Content Management system, and powers large and busy websites such as Peugeot, Heinz and Take That!

OffSight are one of the handful of companies in the Midlands that specialise in Umbraco and can take advantage of its flexibility for your business.

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Professional Web Design for Staffordshire

Primarily serving Staffordshire and the Midlands, OffSight Staffordshire Web Design Company specialises in providing you with a professionally designed website that will get you more visitors and then turn more of them into customers.

Not sure what you want from your website?

No Problem!

Our briefing process is designed to uncover all of your requirements, to build a website that is most suitable for You and Your Clients' Needs.

Do you have a website? Is it generating you new business?

OffSight Staffordshire Web Design Company can show you how to get the best out of your website, by firstly getting you more customers to your website and then secondly, and most importantly, convincing them to choose your services or products over your competitors!

Do you require printing literature, signs, banners etc to go along with your website?

Here at OffSight Staffordshire Web Design Company we can not only offer you a website, we can also provide you with everything you need to get and keep your business running, from logo design through to traditional advertising like flyers, banners, business cards and stationery.

By choosing OffSight for your printing as well as your website, we can provide you with brand continuity across your entire marketing strategy quickly and easily, all professionally made to the Highest Standard possible.

How can we help you?

Book your consultation appointment today on 01785 43 1000 or if you prefer email, use our contact us page to start getting better results from your website

Latest from the Official OffSight Blog

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27/02/2013 : Segmenting Your Website Content 101 Or Why We Split Logo Design Onto Its Own Page

How Spliting Logo Design Onto its Own Page Improved Our Website - Separating your Website Content 101 Logo design used to be one of the many services offered on our graphic design page.   Below, I explain the reasoning behind separating logo design out to its own page on our website. To a lot of you this is very straight forward stuff, but I recently explained it to a local business owner who wasn’t involved in  the day to day running of their site and they said it “opened their eyes” to making their own improvements.   The problems of one page for many services Before making this new page, our Pay Per Click adverts and organic Google traffic for “Logo Design” were being sent to our “Graphic Design” page.   The main problem with this is that someone who was searching specifically for “Logo Design” then has to wade through paragraphs of text to search for the ...

04/02/2013 : A Social Avenue To Your Site

 We regularly advise our customers to have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to represent their companies and we tell them to keep the accounts regularly updated. However you shouldn’t be updating your social media accounts instead of your website and you should always link back to your site from Facebook as often as possible not the other way around. Imagine if you ran a shop and on a one off occasion you’re closing early but instead of letting people know on your website you only told them on Facebook, what happens if some people want to come to your shop who either don’t have Facebook, haven’t had chance to look at Facebook or even if they aren’t allowed to check Facebook during the day, how would they know that your closing early? Not only does this seem unprofessional if they turn up and you’re closed but it could ...

04/02/2013 : Daves Adventures In Getting A Merchant Account

Dave's Adventures in Getting a Merchant Account  OffSight required a new Internet Merchant account for taking payments online and I drew the short straw of setting it up.    I printed off the signup form from a company online that seemed to offer a good deal with regards to their charges.    The form was rather long. It asked what I perceived to be ambiguous questions, never sure if I was falling into a trap that would have my application denied. I got half way through the form, and full of doubt I put it to one side.   The same week I went to a business conference at the Britannia Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent where I bumped into a man called Alan Lewis from Barclays who brought up the subject of Merchant accounts.   A couple of days later Alan was at our office running through a series of questions similar to the ones on the form I had ...

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"I was fed up with looking for website providers – I wanted a new site that didn’t look the same as all the others – and I wanted a site that I could update but still looked like a professional web guy was running it … I find it hard to say how much I love my new site – I’ll tell anyone who asks how good it is and how helpful you guys have been."

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