Bespoke Software Development Process

Due to the variations in each of our customer's needs we find that there are a number of steps that we must go through to ensure that your project is a success. Over the years we have refined these steps until we can now say that we have the winning formula.

In order to help you understand how we would work alongside you and your company through the development of your system process, we have outlined the project process.

1 Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is designed to allow us to get an idea of what requirements you have for your software and how your business works. We will talk to you about:

  • Why you need software
  • What your business can gain from a bespoke system
  • What systems you already have in place
  • What systems you have used in the past
  • The future of the project

We find that customers really enjoy this stage as they get the opportunity to tell us what their ideal system would be and how they would like to grow the project in the future.

2 Situation Analysis

After the initial meeting we will analyse all of the information that you have given to us so that we can get a vision for the system. This may include, with your permission, looking at your current infrastructure so that we can see how you are currently working to make the software fit in as well as possible.

3 Ball Park Figure

We will provide a ball park figure on what we think your software will cost to develop however this is only a rough guideline. If the ball park figure is within or around your budget we will continue with stage 4.

4 Specification

If the Ball Park figure is within reason we will then produce a full specification of your system as we understand it. The specification will outline exactly what each part of the system will do and how they will all work.

Once we have internally checked and are happy with the specification we will send it to you to check. It is usual that you will want to change, add and remove certain items of the specification.

We find that it can take several attempts to get the document right. So please don't worry if it takes a while between us to get the specification correct.

Process 1-soft

5 Quotation

Once the specification for the project has been signed off by yourself we will provide an accurate quote and timescale for your project. We work closely with our developers so that we always get an accurate figure meaning that you get our best deal financially and an accurate timescale.

6 Development

The development stage is where we build your system to the agreed specification. During development you are more than welcome to come into the office for a meeting in order to see how development is progressing.

We will also have regular meetings internally to make sure that development is progressing as expected and to make sure that we stay on track.

7 Testing

Once the project has been developed we will rigorously test the system ourselves to make sure that it matches the spec and all ties together.

We will search for faults in any calculations, data entry functions, reports, etc, to make sure it is all working correctly. Once we believe the system is working we will give you the chance to thoroughly test and come back with any bugs (errors) that you find which we will solve.

On larger projects we may release parts of the system to test earlier than others to help keep the project rolling and to help keep you in the loop of development.

8 Post Sign Off

Once the system has been fully tested by yourselves and signed off we will then set it up on your preferred hosting platform in order for you start using it.

Once the system is in use you have one month's "debugging" period where will will fix any problems that you find free of charge (as long as they are within the original spec).

9 Project Completion

Once the system is complete and has been running for a month we like to sit down with yourselves to make sure that the system is working for you and to make sure that you are getting everything out of it that you need to.

We will also discuss if there is anything else that you need going forwards or if there are any forseeable evolutions of the system, in the future, which we can help you to plan for when they are required.

Process 2-soft

Your Next Step

if you are interested in having a bespoke system developed then your next step is to call us on 01785 43 1000 or e-mail We will happily run through what you would like and get the ball rolling.

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