Remote Datalogging and Equipment Monitoring

Working closely with our clients, Offsight has developed a complete equipment monitoring and datalogging system, including a web based dashboard interface - taking data from a wide variety of equipment from temperature and movement sensors to oil quality probes, toner levels in photocopiers, and even diesel generators. 

This customisable dashboard shows close to real time data and has been developed to show at a glance the current status and the historical data of your equipment.  An optional map will even show the geographical location of each of all of your monitored equipment - from a national scale to a site wide scale if you prefer.


User editable widgets can be configured to send text or email alerts when hitting certain thresholds, and will even run 'unattended' - the webpage does not need to be active for the alert to be triggered.


You can create your own dashboards with as many widgets as required


Offsight's Datalogging System can also be configured to work with your existing datalogger or data capturing devices so that we can display the correct information. In order to do that we will need to work alongside you in order to see how the logger works and reprogram it in order to carry on recording data whilst talking to your existing software or hardware.

If you don't already record your data we will do research in order to find the right datalogger for you and we will develop the software around that datalogger. We will also provide installation of the data logger and will provide any connectivity solutions that you need.

Call us on 01785 431000 for more information or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration of our system - you'll be blown away by how much you can do with it after the initial setup!