Database Development

Excel or Access to Online Database - The Natural Progression

The most common request we have is for growing businesses needing to move on from their creaking Excel spreadsheets, which have served well over the years but can no longer offer the robustness or multi-user capabilities that an online database can offer.

There hasn't been a spreadsheet yet that we haven't been able to replicate and improve upon - from stock control to work flow to training matrices and even vehicle comparison tools.

You can equip your business with a cloud based solution, utilising industry leading database engines such as MS-SQL and MySQL for a lot less investment than you might think.


Excel Style Interface

Love the traditional spreadsheet interface with rows and columns? Prefer it to web forms? No problem - we have developed an 'Excel-like' interface that makes data entry and editing as simple as possible.

As well as developing bespoke databases we also offer a range of off the shelf systems that can be tailored to suit your business. This approach can reduce development time to a matter of days and often provide a cheaper solution than a fully bespoke system.

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