Early Years System

LCC-2013The Early Years System (EYS) is dedicated for councils and companies with an Early Years department so that they can import data on settings and staff. The system is developed to run audits on the various staff and settings in order to provide necessary information quickly and easily. 

The EYS allows you to add information into settings such as previous Ofsted results, staff members, staff qualifications, upload important documents and much more. The whole piece of software is designed to allow you to see what resources are available to each of the settings so that any issues can be addessed as needs be.

The system will allow you to move staff from one setting to another within your system and as people change jobs the system will be able to keep up to date on the system. Another advantage is that staff don't need to be removed and readded if they ever do move to another setting.

The system is hosted and supported by our dedicated team to ensure reliability and various help guides are also available including the full "Help Library" feature which provides information buttons on most of the fields within the system.

Already Using the System

The system is already being used by Licolnshire County Council and they have found it extremely useful. The system itself was in fact the idea of Sue Otter who works for the council and she was a fundamental part in designing what the system would do.