eCommerce Websites

Your Website Is Your Shop Window

Being able to sell your products online is quickly becoming a necessity for your business. Online sales are continually rising and you only have to look at how Morrisons (the major supermarket chain) struggled compared to its competitors in 2013 because they were not selling online where as the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury's and other major supermarkets have been.

Nowadays people want to be able to shop easily in a nice comfy environment and what is more comfortable than your own home? So if you aren't selling online your customers will fall into the arms of your competitors who are! This will lead to you losing out on business not only when people first look to buy from you but also when the customer goes back to buy again!

Advantages of an eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites can give your business many advantages over your competitors:

  • Your customers aren't limited by opening hours so you can take orders 24/7 even on bank holidays
  • Customers don't need to travel to your shop to order so they are not limited by travelling distances or cost
  • Provide more detail per product than you can with just a product on a shelf. Your website does the selling without the need for employees to be knowledgeable about every product
  • Customers can browse in the comfort of their own home 
  • Thanks to search facilities on your website people can find the products that they want faster
  • You can easily advertise promotional offers on your website

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