Increasing Online Sales

There is no golden nugget to increasing online sales or improving conversion rates, as with anything else, it takes hard work to get to where you want to be. If you are not getting as many sales as you would like from your website then the first thing you need to do is to see how many people are visiting your site. If there aren't many people going to your site then you need to look into improving your rankings in search engines and come up with other ways of getting people to your site. However you might also be experiencing the problem that you are getting a lot of visitors but your are not getting many sales.

Offsight can help you to identify what you can improve on your site to improve traffic and increase sales. We will then discuss with you what we have identified and explain how we think we can help you build on what you have already got. We will help you to make your products more appealing to your customers and we will make sure that your website is laid out so that it can reach its potential.


Your content is what sells your product so you need to make sure that you explain what your product can do and what makes it different to anything else on the market. Relevant pictures of your products are also a necessity because pictures compliment your content and offer a visual aspect to your website that breaks up your content so that people don't get put off by a wall of text.

We can help you to focus your content on your products so that you give your customer the information that they need for them to decide whether to buy or not. We can also help you to tweak your content so that you get better rankings in search engines to help get people to your website this can include; working keywords into your content, changing headings to include keywords more prominently, adding in links to pages and much more.

Improving Conversion Rates

360 Product Images

We find that a good way of improving conversion rates is by increasing user interactivity on your website which is why we developed OrbiSpin! OrbiSpin utilises 360 Product Photography to keep people interacting with your website and it also helps to show off your products in a different way. We provide you with a plugin for your website that allows your customers to spin your products so that they get a full view as if they were looking at them in a shop.

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Website Layout

The layout of your website is an important factor in converting traffic into sales. The layout of your website doesn't just mean the layout of your pages but also the navigation of your site. We can help you to make sure that buying from your website is as easy as possible and we will start by looking at how people get around your site.

Navigation is an important part of your website because if people get frustrated by not being able to find their way around then they are not going to buy from you. If you don't already have one, we recommend having a search facility on your site because it instantly makes it easier for people to find what they are after and then we will look into how your categories are structured to make sure that everything is clear and that there aren't any categories/products that are easy to miss!

The next step is to look at how your pages are laid out. If you have best selling products or products that you particularly want to sell then having a featured product section on each category page is recommended. This is so that these products stand out from the others and are likely to be clicked on by people who are browsing through your site. Having a special offers section on the home page is also a good idea because it puts the focus on your products as soon as people visit your site.