Why Offsight for eCommerce

Offsight have been developing eCommerce websites for a long time now and we have taken businesses from selling nothing online to being online industry leaders. We are adept at adapting to different marketing environments and we conduct thorough research of your industry so that your website is targeted towards your audience which helps increase online sales.

We will not just build your website for you but also guide you through selling online until you feel comfortable to take it all on for yourself. Once we have completed your website, and before we set it live, we will invite you to our office where we will train you to use your website. This is where you will be taught how to add and edit; products, categories, pages, shipping settings and more.

Don't worry - we know this can be a lot to take in - so we can also provide you with a guide on how to change your website to go with your training so that you can refer back to it. If you do get stuck with anything though that wasn't in your training or your guide then we are always on the other end of the phone and we are happy to help.

eCommerce Logos

What do you get with your eCommerce website?

For your eCommerce website you will get a substantial platform from which to sell online. The web platform that we use for eCommerce websites is flexible, reliable and robust so that we can make sure that you get the website you want. You will be able to edit all of your content, products and settings, from the admin area of your website giving you complete control over what you are selling.

You will also get a responsive design to go with your website so you will get a mobile version of your shop. Our designs will be pre-approved by you and will be designed to make you stand out from the competition. Thanks to our clean cut designs you will not only stand out, but your customers will find it easy to navigate around your shop so they can quickly and easily find what they are after!

We can integrate a wide range of payment methods into your website so you can use whatever payment gateway you feel comfortable with. The two most popular that we use are Sagepay and PayPal. We can also add in 'pay by phone', 'pay in store' and 'pay on delivery' solutions to go with online card payments. The payment options that we provide give your customers complete peace of mind because they can pay in a way that they feel most comfortable with.