The Website Design Process

In an effort to show how OffSight differs from other website companies, below we have outlined the entire process that has been developed to create your perfect website.

Out of the following list of points, you will benefit from the first 4, regardless of whether you finally choose OffSight as your website developer:

1 Initial meeting

Our first meeting will get to know you and your business. Our in-depth questionnaire will look at aspects such as:

  • The purpose of your new website
  • Your competition
  • Your target audience
  • The look and layout of your new site
  • The text and pictures

While this may sound quite daunting, this is an enjoyable exercise for many clients who often learn a great deal about their own business.

2 Research based on your requirements

We will carry out any additional research required as a result of our initial meeting with you. This may include analysing competitor websites and looking at the search words you may want your website to ultimately show up for in Google.

3 The proposal and quotation

This official document is prepared and emailed to you and takes into account everything we have learned together in the initial discussion and subsequent research. It will outline the proposed pages of your website, the overall aims, the features of your website and any other recommendations we might make.

If we have discussed any further additions or services such as logo design or professional copywriting, they will be detailed here up front. There are never any surprises or hidden costs with OffSight.

4 Domain name registration (if required)

If this is a new website, we can register your domain name (for example, that will be used to reach your website.

If you already have a website or domain name with another developer, or company such as, there are numerous options available to carry on using it, you won't have to start with a new one.

5 Further planning

Here we look at how to turn what's been discovered about your requirements into a functional, easy to use website. In conjunction with the graphic design (point 6 below), we look at how to address common customer concerns, build trust and persuade potential customers to get in touch. This is where the layout, text, pictures and concepts come together to form the building blocks of your website.

6 The creation of design mock-ups by our dedicated graphic designers

At this stage our dedicated graphic designers develop an eye-catching visual design for your website. It will take into account everything we have learned so far about you and your business. This stage is usually carried out by email, where we go backwards and forwards tweaking the design until you're happy with it.

7 Development of your site (the building stage)

At this stage, your website will start to take shape. The graphic design (known as the 'skin') is applied to the content of your website, all of the functionality such as contact forms are created and everything comes together.

There are numerous in-house levels of quality control that a website goes through during this stage, such as spell checking, making sure all of the links work (what you click to get from one page to another) and that everything is laid out correctly in conjunction with the mock-ups.

8 Built in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

From the word "Go" your site is made to be as friendly to the search engines, such as Google, as possible. This is the first step in helping potential customers find you when they search for the products or services you offer.

9 Additional technical "behind the scenes" testing

Numerous technical checks go on at this point covering points such as: Making sure your website works correctly and looks the same on different Internet browsers, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome. Ensuring that all contact forms are coming through to your email address correctly Installing tracking code for Google Analytics so you can see how many visitors your website is receiving and how they're finding your website.

10 Ongoing approval and signing off by you to ensure you're happy throughout

OffSight thrives on recommendations and word of mouth so we want to be sure that you're happy at every step and have no hesitations in recommending us to anyone else you may know that is in need of a professional business website or website redesign! ~Also see our recommendation incentives offer.

11 Teaching you or your nominated employees how to operate and update your new website

All of our websites have a username and password that you can log in with to update the text and pictures any time you like. If you have some news to share or need to change your pricing, it can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection at any time.

You'll find it very straight forward. You don't have to know any complicated code, it's just like using a word processor.

12 Your website goes live to the world!

With everything in place, final quality checks by ourselves and approval by you, your new website can be shown to the world!

13 Ongoing support

That's not the end of our relationship. We're always on hand to answer any questions you might have at any time. We provide you with resources to help you make the best of your new website and offer a whole range of complimentary services to help market your website.

14 Follow up

We follow up to make sure you're completely satisfied with your new website and our service. If you're having any problems or find something you don't understand, we're all too happy to help in any way we can.

Your next step

If you're looking at having a new website developed, you'll find it a very easy and professional experience with OffSight.

Call us on 01785 43 1000 to arrange a meeting or feel free to ask about anything you've read on this page.