Time Management Software


All companies have issues with making sure that work is being carried out on time and keeping track of how long work actually takes. Not keeping track of time can lead to work getting stuck in the pipeline and jobs taking longer than originally anticipated without anyone realising. At Offsight we had that exact issue which is why we decided to build our very own management system which would allow us to keep track of our time. The system was implemented with huge success and we found that there were extra perks to the system than just timekeeping. It started to not only save us time but money as well!

We have now developed time management software for many of our clients with great effect. These systems have allowed our clients' work force to log what they have done on a job. This allows other members of their team to continue the work in case of emergency. Also many of them have been able to bill more for their time than before because the system has picked up on work that would normally not have been charged for.

We have found that all company's have their own requirements and we are sure that you are no different. We will work closely with your company to design a bespoke system that matches your requirements so that you get the full benefit of having the system in place.

Due to your system being Bespoke we can scale your project so that your system evolves into a fundamental part of your company. With the continued dedicated development of our team we can incorporate everything that you need in one system. This means that not only could you be managing your company's time on your system but also issuing invoices, controlling stock, filtering personal records and much more!

If you need a solution for keeping track of your company's time then please call us on 01785 43 1000 to arrange a free consultation with our expert team or e-mail us on enquiries@offsight.co.uk and someone will get back to you!